Park and Pay Systems

Intelligent Park and Pay Systems [IPAPS] – An ERP System for parking management

  • Deployed at many malls, offices & public parking lots
  • Comprehensive system designed for managing various kinds of paid & unpaid parking lots.
  • Standard configuration can handle most of the commonly followed business practices in parking management
  • Customization & Interfaces to suit specific needs of the site undertaken
IPAPS is Deployed as
  • Parking ticketing & pass management systems
  • Visitor Management Systems
  • Valet Parking Management Systems


Modules in IPAPS

  • Vehicle data recording
  • Ticket printing
  • Vehicle recognition
  • Digital vacancy status display
  • Charging (Payment at Entry, Within premises or Exit)
  • Refund Management (Integration with billing systems)
  • Pass management (Daily, Weekly, Monthly,  Yearly)
  • Performance Reporting
  • Statistical Forecasting (Based on arrival patterns)
Four Types of user Interfaces
  • Computer & Printer
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) Reader / Writer & Cards
  • NFC Mobile Phones
  • RFID Reader & Writers